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Nasimi district was founded in 1969 in Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nasimi district was built on the territories of the present Yasamal, Sabail and Narimanov districts. Its territory is 10 square kilometers.

Nasimi district is also called the entrance gate of the capital. Thus, Railway Passensger Station, which is considered as the entrance gate of Baku, is located in this region.

“28 May”, “Jabbarli”, “20 January” and “Ajami” stations are also in Nasimi district.

Sports and Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev is one of the famous sport facilities in the region.

Location in the center of the capital has had a positive impact on the socio-economic, cultural development of the region. There are more than 10 recreational parks in the region.

Nasimi district is the number one in the capital in terms of number of educational institutions. There are 8 universities, dozens of secondary schools and kindergartens in the region.

Most of the important healthcare facilities in the capital are located in Nasimi district. There are many scientific research institutions, clinic, maternity hospitals and polyclinics.

When Nasimi district was created in 1969, more than 100 industrial, construction and transport enterprises functioned here.  In the 1970s, as in the all regions of Azerbaijan, Nasimi district also went through the period of industrial and economic growth. There are several socio-cultural objects of the country in the region.  The most important of them is “Heydar Aliyev Palace”. A magnificient monument of Haydar Aliyev is being erected in the park opposite the palace, which incorporates the elements of national architecture and modernity.  In addition, the only circus in Baku – Baku State Circus and Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater locate in Nasimi district.